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Death Star Fire Pit

The most badass firepit in the galaxy, the deathstar fire pit will definitely impress all of your geeky friends whenever you fire it up.


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Caped Superman Socks

Fly around the office wearing your caped superman socks.

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs

Turn your meat to the dark side with the lightsaber BBQ tongs.

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

Make and receive your phone calls like a Star Fleet Captain.


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Death Star Ice Cubes

The Death Star ice cube mold will make perfect tiny planet destroyers every single time.

Game Of Thrones Iron Throne

Sit on the iron throne and rule Westeros.


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Lego Brick Slippers

Slightly overpriced but probably the most awesome slippers you can buy.

Star Trek Apartment

Live on the Star Trek Voyager located conveniently close to Leicester.


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Goomba Plush Toy

Act like you are Mario with this Goomba plush toy, you can jump on the Goomba's in real life. A great gift for Super Mario fans.