Death Star Fire Pit

The most badass firepit in the galaxy, the deathstar fire pit will definitely impress all of your geeky friends whenever you fire it up.


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Roman Knight Beanie

Pretend to be a roman knight whilst you walk the streets with this roman knight style beanie hat that also can be pulled down for face pr...

Bacon Hot Sauce

If your like me and can't help but add hot sauce to anything and love bacon, then this a fantastic sauce to add to your collection. Bacon...

Bacon Bad Style Perodic Table Shirt

Show you love of being a geek and and loving bacon with this Breaking Bad style bacon periodic table t-shirt.

GPS Pet Tracker

Never ever loose your pet again, ever found yourself roaming the park sceraming your dogs embarrassing name Mr Porkchop. Or have you ever...

Windows 95 Solitaire Playing Cards

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Darth Vader Cereal Bowl

Star Wars Darth Vader Cereal Bowl. A cereal bowl worth for any true follower of the dark side. Enjoy your cornflakes on the dark side.

Star Wars Kama Sutra Book

This book was created for Star Wars fans with a slightly twisted sense of humor. It is a parody of the characters in the Star Wars univer...

Stormtropper Blaster Nerf Gun

Star Wars VII Imperial Issue New Order Blaster. Join the dark side and become part of the New Order in the office blasting resistance sc...