Discworld Ales

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Hand-crafted in the Unseen University Boathouse Brewery. Endorsed by the amazing T...

Canned Unicorn Meat

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Tastes like chicken but with extra sparkles.

My Brittle Pony

Guaranteed to contain no horse substitute such as beef, part of their "My Brittle Pony" range of jerky made from horse meat.

Home Beer Brewing Kit

Brew yourself pub style larger at home with this home brewing kit that contains everything you need to make 40 pints of delicious larger.

Skull Shot Glass

Impress your guests at parties with this skull shaped shot glass.

Cooking With Beer Book

beer with your food is a great thing. But what about beer in your food? It's an even better thing! The next step for any beer lover is t...

Vision Toaster

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Have perfect toast every time.


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Beer Holster

Pretend your Clint Eastwood at the family BBQ and holster your delicious ice cold beer for convenient access.

Gigantic Gummy Bear

This earth destroying gummy bear weights 2.3 kilos! And is the equivalent to 1,400 regular sized gummy bears and stands at only two and a...