Star Wars Converse

Custom made Star Wars converse shoes.


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Roman Knight Beanie

Pretend to be a roman knight whilst you walk the streets with this roman knight style beanie hat that also can be pulled down for face pr...

Lightsaber Umbrella

May the Force be with you in rainy England. The handle lights up in various colours allowing you to be Obi-Wan, Darth Vader and even Mace...

Star Wars Converse Shoes

Custom Star Wars Stormtrooper and Vader hand-painted original All Star Converse Shoes. Custom designs are also accepted.

Fallout Vault 111 Issue Swim Trunks

Fallout Vault 111 standard issue swimming trunks, will keep you protected from radiation whilst you swim in the radiated water*. Disclaim...

Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

Good quality Sandals with a simple message. Follow me and bring beer. Hopefully with any luck wherever you go on the beach, someone will ...

Wearable Sleeping Bag

You may look like an idiot wearing a sleeping bag, but you will be the one laughing when you are nice and toasty whilst everyone else is ...


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Pizza Sleeping Bag

For the ultimate pizza lover the pizza sleeping bag is constructed by hand. The top of the sleeping bag (the sauce and cheese pattern) is...


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Glow In The Dark Body Paint

Perfect for Halloween, concerts or raves! Become the pièce de résistancepoint of the next party you attened. The high quality UV glow p...