Mermaid Leggings

Under the sea, darling it's better down where it's wetter under the sea. You can now pretend you are Ariel with these cute leggings that ...

Peroid Undies

Bloody marvelous. You'd be menstrual not to buy a pair!

Unicorn Slippers

Make every time your need to put your warm fuzzy slippers on magical with these one of a kind unicorn slippers.

Bath Caddy

Take bath time to the next level with this bath caddy that will hold your book/kindle, your glass of wine and has 2 trays that can be use...

Full Bottle of Wine Glass

Something you just have those days where 1 glass is not enough, why keep refilling the glass when you know you are just going to drink th...

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Everyone has a friend who will end up dying alone with lots of cats, this gift will show them what you truly think of them.

Wine Hangbag

Carry 1.5 litres of vino discreetly in style.