About Us

BaconBeer is run by geeks that are dedicated to finding the coolest most unique and interesting products available on the internet for your enjoyment. We aim to only display the best products you can find and buy in the UK. We will not post products that are not up to our standard.

BaconBeer's Gifts Under £20 is perfect for secret santa gift ideas or Christmas present stocking fillers.

I also aim to review as many products as I possibly can and continue to add articles relevant to the visitors of this website to the blog.I built BaconBeer because I wanted to create a website like ThisIsWhyImBroke and many other similar websites aimed at users coming from the UK.

I also wanted to aim the website more at geeky men such as myself and dedicate an entire section to bacon related products, because bacon. Lots of the items listed on this website return a small commission for product referral, this is not the only reason we feature the items and we feature many items that provide no commission at all. We do not directly sell any of the products listed on our websites. I hope you enjoy the website.